Top 3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Southampton

Our sensationally popular Erotic Tour series continues along the south coast to Southampton with a look at all the parlour action in one of the UK’s biggest port cities.

Massage parlours have suffered from the internet revolution, of that there is no doubt. There are less of them than ever and many have gone the way of pubs, post offices and typewriter repair shops. Remember them? No, neither do I nut I’m sue they were a thing.

Anyway, there seems to still be a demand for their services for many punters and as part of Feema’s Erotic Tour series, we plan to document the best ones still to be found around Britain’s cobbled streets.

Today we look at erotic massage parlours in Southampton. An old port city, with a long punting tradition and as a city on the up with it’s premier league football team, humongous cruise ship visitors and test status cricket ground, the sex industry is busy keeping up with demand from horny tourists and locals alike.

Our targets for chronicling are not affiliated in any way with Feema and as such, our posts about them are completely independent.

Red Rose Therapy

The first den of fun and pleasure is Red Rose Therapy

Red Rose is an upstanding and respectable establishment based on New Road right in the heart of the city. They boast a large parking area at the rear of the shop which is no idle boast in the middle of town. A notoriously difficult place to plonk your car.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly non happy ending look of the professional website etc. They definitely do seem to offer relief in adult sense.

As Mattmugwump says on Uk Punting ‘whoever suggested Red Rose Therapy bravo sir! Just when there for a 30mins massage with Keke (Kiki?) and wowzers what a happy ending!’

A very good review I think we can all agree.

It is certainly a little indiscreet, being on the main street in the middle of town and that may put some off –

Top 3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Southampton Blog Erotic Tour southampton

If you can sneak in without your Auntie spotting you though, the inside is decently done and the welcome very smiley and very pretty:

Top 3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Southampton Blog Erotic Tour southampton

The massage seems to be around £40 for the hour with £20 for the extra happy ending. All fully clothed though some have spoken of achieving a little toplessness.

All in all, one of the best parlours we’ve found anywhere in the UK for it’s type.

Red Rose Therapy

9 New Road


SO14 0AA

Telephone: 023 8194 3812
Mobile: 075423 67850
E-mail: [email protected]
Open: 7 Days a week 10:00am – 10:00pm

Lady Pink Naturist Massage

Lady Pink is a professional set up and not hiding under anyone’s bush (el). See what I did there?

No need to gently coax your masseur into nudity, this is up front and all out there for your delectation.

First thing to note here, is that Lady Pink, is in fact red hot.

Top 3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Southampton Blog Erotic Tour southampton

Lady Pink professes real expertise in proper tantric massage. Regular readers will know that Feema has a particular penchant for a proper Tantric experience, there really is nothing like it in the world of erotic experiences, if its done right that is.

Reviews of Lady Pink show that she certainly knows how to work a proper body to body massage.

Nigel confirms that she is the girl in the pictures “Lady Pink has a fit, toned and tanned body, not an ounce of fat, with small pert breasts.”

And also that she really does know what she’s doing “very sensual, even though her breasts are small you can still feel her erect nipples caressing your body. She also rubs her vagina against your legs and arms so very sensuous and sensual. The climax is she rolls you over and gives hand relief.”

Sounds delightful all round.

Costs seem to be £90 for 1 hour at her central Southampton flat near the West Quay Shopping Mall and although the room she uses is a little small, that is the only complaint. Parking is easy and the fun is friendly and professional. Heartily recommended all in all.

Lady Pink Naturist Massage

07415 743974
[email protected]

B2B massage 4 you in Southampton

We continue our tour of erotic massage parlours in Southampton with a visit to B2B massage for you.

B2B Massage seems to be a very asian themed set up. Some of the marketing talks about the girls being Japanese but it does a bit vague on that and I’d guess the girls are from a range of east asian countries as is the norm.

They offer all the usual services of naked body to body, tantric, 4 hands etc and prices start at £100 for an hour.

The images of the girls seem a little stock photo style to me and so I’d be wary of getting what you see here. You can judge for yourselves if any of the girls on here look likely to meet you with a bottle of oil, primed and ready to go.

That’s it for our round up of erotic massage parlours in Southampton. We’ll be checking out the purely escorting experience in the city soon.

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