Top 3 Swingers Clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset

Feema continues to inform, educate and entertain with our unmissable Erotic Tour of the UK. Feema does the hard yards, researching the most erotic experiences available in modern day Britain for the benefit of the Great British Public. We still await our OBE but are sure its on its way. Today we look at the Top 3 Swingers Clubs in Bournemouth.

Swinging Scene in Bournemouth

Car Keys in the fruit bowl, the sharing economy for bored couples, swingers are oft mocked but it often comes from jealousy. As we always say, if sex with one person is good, sex with 4 people must be better right? This secret underworld of sexual exhibitionism and shared passion can be a world that is a little more difficult to uncover than you’d think. People are generally discreet in their behaviour, profiles are anonymised and clubs require a little digging up.

Feema is here to help and we’ve done some exhilarating research so you know where to go when you wish to share.

2 Million people in the UK swing their weekends away and the internet has made it a much more acceptable practice in many circles. Bisexuality of one or other of the couple is something that can lead people into the scene and in our experience it is most often led by the girl. This is why single females are in such demand.


Top 3 Swingers Clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset Blog Erotic Tour Escort Bournemouth


Phil and Rebecca sum it up. They are open about their ‘extra curricular activities’ and say that most of their friends know what they get up to at weekends. They only look for single girls although most couples will look for full swap scenarios.



Bournemouth’s swinging scene has always been pretty healthy. As a seaside, resort town, people head to Bournemouth to have fun and that fun is often erotic. Feema has already had a good look at the strip club scene and the massage parlours you can find in this surprisingly sensual sun trap and the swinging scene is no less exciting. We look at the top 3 swingers clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset. Some of the clubs we cover in this post are not directly in Bournemouth as the swinging scene is a little spread around. They are all commutable for a good night of erotic fun though.

Top 3 Swingers Clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset.

  1. Paradise Health Spa

Well here we are in Bournemouth with our significant other or a beautiful and horny exotic escort for the evening. First up is Paradise Health Spa. Now the imagery on the front page of their website certainly promises a great  deal. 

Top 3 Swingers Clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset Blog Erotic Tour Escort Bournemouth

Don’t call me a killjoy but the inside doesn’t quite live up to the promise of erotic trists in the warm shallows of the pacific with golden sand keeping up your nether regions that the homepage of the website seems to suggest. You’ll get something tickling you downstairs but I’m not sure it’ll be golden sand.


Top 3 Swingers Clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset Blog Erotic Tour Escort Bournemouth Top 3 Swingers Clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset Blog Erotic Tour Escort Bournemouth

Paradise seems commendably LGBT friendly with regular events aimed at the community as well as free ladies days on Wednesdays.

Prices are fairly low for the scene as a whole but around the standard for this type of spa club.

Entrance Fees

Single Females £10.00
Monday to Thursday Couples Midday till 5pm £20.00
Monday to Thursday Single Males Midday till 5pm £20.00
Bank Holidays £25.00

Services include a hot tub, steam room, sauna and a variety of massage services.

Reviews – Lots of interesting thoughts on the bible for all things swinging that is Fabswingers. Quite a lot of comments that point to the basic simplicity of the place but its cleanliness is mentioned and people seem to have fun. Here are a selection.

Location – You’ll find Paradise deep in suburban Bournemouth at 172 Windham road in Boscombe, East of Bournemouth Town Centre.


2.  Liberations

Libertions is a good example of quite a common business model in the swinging world. They are prty organisers in essence and set up events at a variety of locations. Liberations has regular sex extravaganzas in Bournemouth, Brighton and Portsmouth and seem to be popular amongst a slightly younger, hipper crowd of experimentalist erotics.

Events –

As we are focussed on Bournemouth, the ‘Liberations Wet Dreams Bournemouth Spa Party’ is the one we are interested in. It happens every 3rd Saturday of the month and the location is disclosed on booking.

They boast of a sauna, Jacuzzi, Steamroom, a plush bar lounge, 5 playrooms, a new BDSM room and a 60 person capacity. Whilst describing the event as super kinky, they also profess to be a safe space for newbies.


Prices –

£29 per couple which is super reasonable and a 20% discount for members of their site –

Single ladies half price and single guys need to apply for acceptance and price info.

Reviews – Widley positive comments from a generally young and interesting crowd of sexual explorers. A selection below.


3. Swingers Quay

Swingers Quay is a little out of Bournemouth, actually it’s in Torquay but hey ho, we wanted to bring you a selection of the hottest night spots and you might need to drive a bit for that.

Torquay conjures up Basil Fawlty in my mind but we promise that there will be none of the below at Swingers Quay.


Events and facilities –

Swingers Quay does eroticism in historic surroundings within a 400 year old former brewery building. The site, whilst retaining its character, has been modernised to true 21st century standards. Atmosphere is everything at a swingers event. The sexual chemistry required to send hundreds of people into orgasmic abandon is a heady but often elusive mix and the surroundings are important.

They claim to be the biggest swingers club on the south coast and we can’t find any evidence to the contrary and boast a great environment for getting your rocks off and sharing them wildly with strangers.

Top 3 Swingers Clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset Blog Erotic Tour Escort Bournemouth

Free Wi-fi Access, 4 floors of pleasure, 12 person Sauna, 10 man Steam Room, Video Areas, 16 person Spa, Rest Rooms, Cafe Area






Prices all very reasonable

Couples (1m & 1f) £28.00*

Single Male entry price is £28.00*

Single Female entry is free

Reviews –  All very positive again and a real mix of party goers. Some examples below.

Location – Based in central Torquay, good clear instructions on their website here

That’s it for Feema’s erotic tour of the south coast’s best swinger’s clubs. It’s been a blast. If we’ve missed any great swingers clubs near bournemouth, let us know via @feemamassage on Twitter

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