Top 3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Portsmouth

An Erotic Tour of Portsmouth

Uncle Feema struggles at times. His chosen lot and he did choose it, is to scour the internet and the country testing out, reviewing and lapping up the UKs most alluring, most sensual, most life affirming sexual experiences so you know where to look when you want some of that. Today we look at the top erotic massage parlours in Portsmouth.

Now, it may not sound difficult, it may not sound a trial, you might not think Uncle Feema will be writing a misery memoir anytime soon. Of course you are right, Uncle Feema loves every second of this most unconventional of jobs and today he’s totted up his experiences in Portsmouth and we are detailing the best three erotic massage parlours for you and yours.

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Feema’s top 3 erotic massage parlours in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is one of the UKs hottest of hotbeds when it comes to escorting and erotic massage. A long and ruch history of seamen coming into port means that Portsmouth has always had it’s fair share of exotic and alluring ladies of the night to satsify every wet dream any old sea dog has ever had. Escorts have probably been in town since at least the 12th century which is when the city first became the nation’s port and centre of naval operations.

The long tradition of escorting and erotic massage means there is a centralisation of quality, a level of experience and knowledge that puts even Amsterdam to shame. Come get your sexy on down on the south coast. You won’t be disappointed. Feema lists all the best parlours and agencies so you know where to go, let’s look at Feema’s choice for the most exotic and erotic massage parlours in Portsmouth;

  1. Xienna Chinese Massage

    Top 3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Portsmouth Blog Erotic Tour Portsmouth

Xienna promises much. It is in fact a chain of Chinese MAssage parlours and hairdressers and provide an air of special professionalism that isn’t always in evident during the pursuit of a fun rub or even a straight laced one. Xienna does advertise on adult sites but whether happy endings are available, we aren’t completely sure. We will be heading there in the next few months for a proper trial and review but until then, if anyone goes and gets happy at the end – @feemamassage your report and we’d be happy to publish.


Xienna Salon Portsmouth

173 London Road



  1. Tokyo Dream

No immediately obvious website for these ostensibly Japanese erotic masseurs in Portsmouth and not a great deal online. That can be a little typical with these kinds of erotic massage parlours though and in particular those within a tight knit community like the sex centre of Portsmouth. Japanese Erotic Massages are often thought of as the epitome of quality. With thousands of years of development turning the old rub n tug into a genuine art form.

Tokyo Dream Contact Details

Mile End Road United Kingdom
07448 208848

  1. Eastern Angel Massage

Eastern Angel Massage is an interesting little operation. Blending elements of Chinese Asian Massage with hot stone skills from Sweden. Danni is a professionally qualified masseuse and brings those smooth, silky skilled hands to bear on customers in Portsmouth, Waterlooville or Petersfield.

The option for erotic massage isn’t clear on the website. This may be self-protection or she may not provide sexual services. It doesn’t say anywhere but the colour scheme and images would point to more than just muscle ache being seen to at Eastern Angel Massage.

Top 3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Portsmouth Blog Erotic Tour Portsmouth

Photo by Peter Clipson

Feema has reached out for comment and as always, we welcome any punter info.

She has a forum but we haven’t managed to gain access as it seems that it’s not overly well moderated but she also does have a funky little video:


Eastern Angel Massage Contact Details

28 Sunderton Lane


Waterlooville Hampshire PO8 0NU

[email protected]

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