Where to find a Tantric Massage in Bournemouth?


Feema series – What is Tantra and where can you find a good one in Bournemouth

Some general musings on the power of a tantric massage experience

There are many good sexual experiences to have, sex is generally a good thing of course and we think even better if you never have to see the person again 🙂 Like everything, there are gradations though of course. Some are better than others. 2 Bisexual Brazilian nymphomaniacs under a waterfall whilst covered in blossom petals would undoubtedly better than a rough handling by an unshaven biker down an alley in Milton Keynes. This blog series aims to explain and direct you to the most intense of sexual experiences available to the paying punter. Tantric Massage and Tantric Sex. We’ll also tell you where to find a good Tantric Massage in Bournemouth. 

A true tantric experience is a rare and unforgettable moment, something that is the opposite of a quickie in every way. Sometimes sex, and there is nothing wrong with this, can be just an explosion of built up tension. A process just to satisfy a need, expel some cum and move on with our lives. A true Tantric experience is so much more than that and should be treated as such.

The Best Tantric Massage Experiences

Someone who is properly trained will build expectation, set the mood with all the traditional paraphernalia and go to work in a slow but positive and direct way. A methodical but sensual working of each part of you, they will create a connection with you by looking into your eyes, directly, firmly, confidently and alluringly. The promise of her beauty separated from you by the structure of the massage can make you scream inside. It’s worth it though.

I really think being a Tantric Massage provider must be the hardest type of sex worker to be in terms of separating yourself and keeping it professional. There is often such an overwhelming connection made between 2 participants in this ancient and otherworldly experience, that it can be quite difficult for them to keep it professional and not see the connection as more than just a result of the process of Tantra, rather than something altogether more serious.

Origins of Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is normally thought of as an Indian practice, originating on the Subcontinent in thousands of years ago. This isn’t really true and tantric massage is very different from Tantra which is the philosophy it draws some inspiration from and did originate in India deep in the mists of time. Tantric Massage is more of a modern western construct and can be traced to French, German and californian roots from the 1970s.

What constitutes a Tantric Massage is often defined by the practitioner though and can be difficult to describe and understand. Often the best experiences do come from the east though, massage being such a big part of the culture in the east. The most important element in making a Tantric Massage Experience work for you in Bournemouth though, is to find someone you can make a connection with. You need to treat your practitioner right and make sure she is as keen as you are to glorify the whole experience. Woo her, make it a date, make her care. That way you’ll find a great Tantric Massage Experience in Bournemouth.

So where can you find a Tantric Massage in Bournemouth?

We haven’t tested these ourselves so for the first version of this blog, we will just post contact and website details. As we get more information, we will update. Tweet @feemamassage if you visit any of them.


Oriental Naturist Massage


Grosvenor Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH4 8BN


Sexy Becky – Erotic Tantric Massage Bournemouth

07440 155911
Yelverton Road, Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Kate Beautiful Erotic Tantric Massage Bournemouth

Shelbourne Road, Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Jade – English Sensual and Erotic Tantric Massage Poole

07470 419818
Ringwood Road, Poole, United Kingdom



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