How to choose a Tantric Massage Provider

What you should look out for in adverts and how to choose a tantric massage provider

Much like wheat beer, Tantric Massage is now available all over the UK from Edinburgh to Bournemouth. From the industrial areas of Manchester to the city slicker streets of London, Tantric Massage can be found on every corner. A situation unfathomable 20 years ago. That doesn’t make choosing a tantric massage provider any easier though.

If you’ve found this blog, you are clearly researching Tantric Massage and what you can expect during one. You’ve probably found a whole bible’s worth of copy on spiritual enlightenment, chi recirculation and ancient ritual. You’ve also probably found a great deal of pictures of naked couples, happily staring into each other’s inner souls. I doubt, despite all this, that you are much the wiser as to how to choose a Tantric Massage provider to book though.

How to choose a Tantric Massage Provider

The first thing to consider is do you want sex?

The second thing to consider is do you want to come?

Now if these seem like insane questions and YES, FFS YES!! are the answers, you need an escort really. It might well be someone that can do a good erotic or sensual massage, they may even have learnt some Tantra but they will offer full service.

The essence of Tantra is complex and deeply rooted in ancient Indian culture. It’s a fascinating subject and when done properly and by full trained and committed practitioners and recipients, it can be a truly life changing experience. It is not a rub and a fuck though. Some of the techniques can be used, good lingam massage for example is incredible. If your patience and that of the practitioners allow real time to be spent on the pre-sex massage, it can be tantric like and something that enhances the sexual experience.

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