What is a Lingam Massage and why you should try one

Lingam OMG. That is probably what this technique should be called. When done probably a lingam massage has the capacity to excite to an extreme that you will never have a experienced. Feema.net is fast becoming the UK’s preeminent resource on the web for all things erotic and we look at the Lingam massage and what it can do for you.

Lingam Massage

What is a Lingam Massage and why you should try one What is Tantra

A lingam massage is often called a male tantric massage and the tantric focus of care and selfless devotion to the recipients pleasure are key elements in any successful Lingam. Many people think of the Lingam as some sort of fancy word for a hand job or a happy ending massage. The Lingam is this but so much more too. The idea is to build sensation and pleasure to a crescendo, to create waves of orgasm flushing through the male body and take you to heights unknown. The ancient eastern Tantric practitioners understood the incredible chi or energy that flows through the male penis and that it can be circulated and managed to create unworldly joy.

A good tantric massage therapist will focus on the penis and the areas around, the testicles, the perineum, the inner thighs, the rectum. The main concentration will be on the penis though and through confident but slow and firm massage – the ascension will begin. A good practitioner will relax her man, treat his body as a temple and his penis as the most holy site of all. This connection, the atmosphere created in this way is what extends the lingam massage into something that is more than massage, that is more than merely a sexual experience.


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