3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Bournemouth and Dorset

Who doesn’t love the sultry ambience of a massage parlour. The tie dye, the joss sticks, the oils and the music. I always feel like I’ve been on holiday after a visit and unsuccessfully try to recreate the atmosphere at home. These guys have just got it and they’ve got the girls too. Feema looks at the top Erotic Massage parlours in Bournemouth and Dorset so you know where to go to get yourself some of the peace, tranquility and sexual charge the best massage parlours are so good at creating.

3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Bournemouth

  1. Eastern Rose Oriental Massage

Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, BH7 6BZ

3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Bournemouth and Dorset Blog Erotic Tour Escort Bournemouth

No website for these professional rubbers but some good solid reviews on Scoot. Some bad ones too though to be fair. It seems to be a fairly typical Asian Massage set up with offerings of Oriental oil massage, deep tissue massage, Relaxing massage. deep hard massage, soft deep massage etc. Their post on Scoot then tellingly goes on to explain that 2 girls are available and trying but failing to stay coy, then talks of happy endings costing £10 extra and full service being available for £90 per hour.

It seems they are in the back of a hairdresser which might be a little off putting for some but some of the reviews testify to a commendably blasé attitude from the punters so it can’t be that awkward. Will update after upcoming visit. :

Don seemed to have a good time for example ‘Beautiful Chinese lady, long sensual massage, happy ending. Pity I won’t get to Bournemouth again!’

Bit of a mixed picture from Peter – ‘I had the half hour naturist massage. The lady giving the massage was not the one in the picture on this site. As another review has stated, it is just a room in the back of the hairdressers. The massage itself was just a kind of soft back rub, not much massaging going on. She did, however, seem very capable giving a happy ending. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this massage, there are plenty better quality massages around for around the same price.’

  1. Wolf Spa

55 – 57 Curzon Road, Boscombe, Dorset, BH1 4PW

3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Bournemouth and Dorset Blog Erotic Tour Escort Bournemouth

What a find! This place seems to really have thought about their customers and what they are looking for. It’s branding and decor is unapologetically male with even a no pink promise on the website 🙂 They have 2 shop units in central Boscombe and provide a very customer focussed and welcoming atmosphere. There are a selection of well stocked and professionally arranged massage rooms with plenty of clean towels, comfortable massage beds and all the erotic and exotic paraphernalia you’d put in yourself. It is feels well run and well managed from the moment you go in. Take a look around their gallery online here

Prices are around £90 per hour but the website doesn’t specifically say that includes happy ending or full service.

They are definitely worth a look and I only wish more parlours were so well set up and thought through from their customers perspective.

  1. Sexy Sasha

UPDATE! It seems Sexy Sasha may not be working for quite a while. Feema cannot confirm any connection here but you might want to follow this Google search before you call.

Guest Avenue, Poole, Dorset

3 Erotic Massage Parlours in Bournemouth and Dorset Blog Erotic Tour Escort Bournemouth

We couldn’t leave Sasha out. It’s a remarkable website, with a remarkable gallery at least but we’ve not had the cahoonas to visit and check out the experience ourselves yet. If you like a barbie doll, here is a real live one and whilst not strictly a massage parlour, she works alone from a nice detached pad between Bournemouth and Poole, she comes out top in Google for massage parlours and seems to provide all the services you could hope for.

Young Sasha can also do outcalls but won’t leave Bournemouth or Poole and incalls are £180.

I’m not sure you’d get the hot oil, professional Swedish, full tantra experience here and if that is what you are after, I’d look at the Wolf Spa. If you want to experience some of those youthful fantasies of Baywatch and Barbie Orgies, Sasha may well be your girl.

That concludes our look at erotic massage parlours in Bournemouth. Let us know if we missed any @feemamassage

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