An Erotic Tour of London – Soho – continued

Soho is still so incredibly rich and varied in its eroticism, despite the incessant encroachment of the corporate world, that we need to continue our Soho tour. Check out our first look around here.

We left off after a great massage with Charmant Bella and now head out to look at the great selection of lap dancing clubs that line the streets of this most decadent of locations.

An Erotic Tour of London – Soho 

The first one to catch our eye on Dean Street is Sunset Strip. Opening at Midnight, you need to be a bit of night owl to enjoy many of Soho’s delights, Sunset can’t be described as the most exclusive of erotic bars in London but it is one of the oldest and has had girls seductively dancing around poles in very little for 50 years. It’s friendly and the girls are not too pushy whilst staying keen. A balance that isn’t always well struck.  

Sunset Strip is open 6 nights a week, Monday through to Saturday with entrance charged at £15 per night.

Next up is Vanity Gentlemen’s Club on Carlisle Street. This club is luxuriously decked out and manages to create an erotic, upmarket vibe without the crippling prices. Entry is £20 and drinks prices are reasonable. As always, dance prices are discussed with the girls but are pretty standard.

Finally for now we head down to the iconic and unmissable Stringfellows. They really do try to create the perfect atmosphere for an erotic evening. They have had many years discovering what works and you can see the attention to detail in every part of the club. Stringfellows opens at 9pm but doesn’t really get going until 11pm. They also have a restaurant that has been well reviewed.

Entrance is £20 and fully nude (Stringfellows was the first club to be given a fully nude license) dances are £20. You can take an angel to your private booth for £400 an hour. You can buy ‘heavenly money’ to use for dances which is quite a nice touch too. Good looking girls is an understatement and on their busiest nights, over 100 ‘angels’ can be working floor. Don’t take your wife 🙂

Now you’ve been titillated beyond control you may need to find some ‘closure’ Minutes from Stringfellows you’ll find a great massage with this Brazilian Beauty in Soho – Kiara – OMG! I love Brazilians.


An Erotic Tour of London - Soho - continued Blog Erotic Tour London Soho


That concludes our erotic tour of London and our look at Soho. Have fun.

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