An Erotic Tour of London – Westminster – Soho

An Erotic Tour of London – Wesminster – Soho

In a new series of informative blogs, will be giving you the erotic tour of London that you always wanted. A sometimes irreverent but always helpful look at the fun and safe sexual experiences and businesses available in the different boroughs of London. The Erotic Massage Specialists, the trantricas and Escorts, the naturist spas, the swingers clubs and porn shops too. Follow us to know where to find your fun. All the fun of the libido described for you by our tireless researchers. It’s a tough job and we are definitely going to do it….



Westminster is the centre of London’s great history of sexual liberalisation. In Westminster you’ll find the sexual hotbed areas of Soho, Victoria, Covent Garden, Chinatown, Mayfair, Pimlico, Holborn, Knightsbridge, Belgravia and the Strand.


Soho has to be the first stop of any decent, self-respecting sexual tour though and the liberal history in the area is rich and varied. As the infamous gatekeeper to the Groucho Club – Bernie Kratz has said “From the days of Henry VIII, Soho has been a debauched place. It has remained party central with lots of deviant behaviour. It’s a very naughty place but an honourable place”

The Box Burlesque Night Club and Show

We’ll start with The Box – self-styled the sexiest, dirtiest but coolest club in London. The Box is styled on it’s sister club in New York. It’s not cheap and it’s difficult to get into this erotic, decadent, haven of wild – but it sure is quite an experience. Celebrities, royals and even Daily Mail Journalists put this boundary pushing night spot at the top of their Friday night list.

The show is a mixture of circus, cabaret and pretty hardcore porn. Some of the most eye-popping acts in the world perform here and you better be open minded. Dress well, expect to spend but try as hard as you can to get into the VIP room upstairs where private performances occur and “anything goes”.

You’ll find the box at Walker’s Ct, London W1F 0SD

Next stop has to be for a exotic massage in the capital of exotic massages. You will be spoilt for choice in Soho, there is no shortage of good fun to be had in Soho. Any top quality Massage therapist will want to be in central London and Soho can be said to the spiritual home of Eroticism in the UK so the quality of service and beauty is high in this part of town.

We recommend an exquisite young lantina – just 20 years old and reminiscent of Shakira with her curly long hair and slim snaky hips. Breasts are just like mountains too 🙂


An Erotic Tour of London - Westminster - Soho Erotic Tour London Soho

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